Berwick Bank Offshore Wind Farm – Onshore EIA

Berwick Bank Wind Farm power systems

Client: SSE Renewables

Location: East Lothian, Scotland

Date: 2020-2023

Project Capacity: 4 GW

ITPEnergised is fulfilling the lead onshore EIA coordinator role for SSE Renewables via Berwick Bank Wind Limited, for the proposed Berwick Bank offshore wind farm located in the outer Firth of Forth 40 km off the coast of East Lothian, Scotland.

This development has the potential to generate over 4 GW of renewable energy once commissioned, making it one of the largest offshore wind farms in the world and a critical step towards the government’s net zero ambitions.

ITPEnergised’s remit for this scope is the provision of EIA consultancy services to accompany a planning application for the infrastructure associated with landfall, the onshore cables, temporary construction compounds and substation.

Our Role

  • Lead onshore EIA coordinator
  • Scoping report
  • Noise Monitoring & Ornithological Surveys
  • Consultation with external stakeholders
  • Consents Advice
  • Post-submission Support

ITPEnergised was responsible for the production of the onshore Scoping report which was submitted in August 2020, working with trusted technical advisor partner organisations and our in house team of experts. The scoping phase included conducting baseline environmental ecology surveys of the onshore study area, desktop baseline data collection, coordinating all onshore chapters of the scoping report and consultation with stakeholders and the planning authority (East Lothian Council).

Following scoping, technical surveys were undertaken to feed into the detailed site selection and design process e.g. noise monitoring and ornithology surveys.  ITPEnergised coordinated the technical assessments for the topics scoped into  the EIA.

ITPEnergised subsequently prepared the onshore EIA, Habitats Regulation Assessment, and provided consents advice as part of support for the planning application. The application was submitted to East Lothian Council in Q1 2023.


Following the submission and successful validation of the planning application, we are continuing to provide environmental planning support to address post-submission matters.

Download the Berwick Bank Offshore Wind Farm – Onshore EIA Case Study here.