Hybrid Renewables Application

hybrid renewables
Net Zero Accelerator

Our Net Zero Accelerator® digital platform houses a diverse range of powerful web and mobile applications across our expertise with one thing in common: they all deliver at least 50x improvement in cost, time and effort compared to conventional approaches that trap value and limit visibility; designed to add shareholder value, reduce risk and accelerate your net zero journeys.

Intended User of the Hybrid Renewables App

Large wind farm owner/operators and developers with a strong portfolio of projects with each project more than single turbine to enable access to spare land bank for adding solar PV with or without storage.

The Problem

There is trapped value in operational and development pipelines of onshore wind farms. By augmenting these sites with solar PV farms, with or without storage, by sharing the grid connection can lead to enhanced portfolio returns. But how do you screen for the best sites for conversion to hybrid renewables and how do you undertake feasibility studies on all of these. How to you deal with the merchant risk of storage projects? What if some of these sites have fatal flaws? What do you do then?

Our Solution

One of our portfolio digital twins is developed to address hybrid renewables potential. We take a snapshot of your existing portfolio/ development portfolio and score these against criteria for various combinations of hybrid configurations. Once your portfolio template is populated, our inbuilt algorithms automatically score your portfolio and calculates several techno-commercial-ESG KPIs to help inform your decision making of what projects to take to the detailed feasibility stage using our traditional consulting teams. The solar PV projects can then be developed to enjoy a further c1.8x in NPV, c2% improvement in IRR and project acceleration by up to a few years.

Typical benefits

  • Weeks to minutes
  • Visible prioritisation of projects and visual clarity of key techno-commercial-ESG KPIs
  • Distributed ownership within your organisation allows for challenge and triangulation in decision making
  • Compatible with other ITPEnergised NZA digital tools such as our financial modelling suite
  • Encrypted database, cybersecure, authentication measures
  • Scalable solution with organisational growth

Download a PDF summary of this Hybrid Renewables Application here and contact us for a demo at quoting NZA50X.