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In recent weeks we have looked at the opportunities and challenges we foresee for 2023 in the sectors we work in and how we can help you progress and be successful in your sustainability journey. We now shine a spotlight on some key expertise areas where our trusted advisors are leading the way. Spotlight on Digital is below.

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Digital Tools and Innovation

Digital tools and innovation are quickly gaining traction with organisations as they increasingly look to mandate this as a new dedicated role within their business. At ITPEnergised, we have embraced this as a founding strategic pillar of our business and have developed a powerful digital platform called the Net Zero Accelerator® comprising targeted applications that augment our traditional consulting, with each application aiming to reduce cost, time and friction by at least 50x. 

We have witnessed first-hand that these tools are accelerating our clients’ ability to prioritise and understand value drivers for projects much more quickly, providing a competitive edge in transaction work. Popular tools include our Dynamic Cable Rating model, TNUoS Model with a digital twin of the UK grid and Rapid Techno-Economic Modelling suite across wind, solar, battery and EV charging for feasibility stage projects.

NZA Structure - Spotlight on digital
Figure 1 – ITPEnergised Net Zero Accelerator®

ITPEnergised has also formed internal task forces within a platform named “ITPDigitised” to improve our own operational efficiency and team members – who will be the end users – have been asked to shape the digital execution pathway and final user experience. In the same way we ask our clients “What issues and pain points can we solve that will make your life better?”, we have asked everyone in our company this same question and have harnessed ideas from across our business.

We can help deliver net zero in a smarter fashion than was possible previously, removing internal friction and giving more room for our staff to be creative and value adding in their roles which ultimately benefits our clients

By-products of our digital programme include building employee empowerment, solving day-to-day work headaches and creating a platform for positive employee engagement – all positives in the current squeeze on human capital.

The key to success in digital is setting a high quality bar for digital tool development and listening to clients. For internal digital innovation, it is in bringing the whole company on the journey, maintaining a strict cost benefit analysis to prioritise these great digital ideas and then involving your people in shaping the execution and user experience as they are ultimately the end users.

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